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Perion DAO is on a mission to accelerate the shift to web3 gaming by building and backing its best teams.

The Perion DAO participation incentive program (Participation Incentives) is designed with the goal of incentivising Perion ecosystem participation, for the benefit of the social cohesion of the DAO members. Claiming $PERC tokens requires interacting with Perion via voting, social platform interaction and other contribution mechanisms, helping all DAO participants to collectively grow the Perion ecosystem while reducing the likelihood that harmful practices could eventuate.

$PERC is a token with no associated rights currently other than the anticipated ability to participate in governance behaviours within the Perion DAO ecosystem and to access and become involved with Participation Incentives.

The purpose of Participation Incentives is to incentivise new people to participate in the Perion community and retain good actors that participate in constructive ways, distribute a portion of the fixed supply of $PERC from the Perion DAO Treasury to the Perion community to achieve greater decentralisation of governance (where $PERC tokens represent the anticipated ability of the holder to participate in governance), and distribute $PERC to both reduce centralisation of $PERC holding away from the Perion DAO Treasury and promote a fair, orderly and transparent Perion community. The greater the size of the Perion community, the greater the prospects of achieving a sustainable, decentralised, self-regulating community that discourages harmful practices, bad actors and manipulation of governance and the community’s efforts. Participation Incentives are a strong part of enhancing the social cohesion of the Perion community, and thus safe and constructive behaviours.

The first version of Perion DAO’s governance model will shortly be released and will continue to be subject to change based on the expectations of the Perion community.

Any prior statements of potential benefits of holding, or dealings with, $PERC should not be relied upon since any features of $PERC, including the Participation Incentives, remain subject to confirmation or ratification by the prevailing model of Perion DAO governance. A person acquiring $PERC has no actual, contingent or prospective rights to any benefits and accordingly should have no hope or expectation of any benefits being provided to them by acquisition of $PERC. If any benefits are provided at a later time, they are subject to change by the prevailing model of Perion DAO governance. Any person considering acquiring $PERC or participating in Participation Incentives is responsible for determining their eligibility to acquire $PERC or participate in Participation Incentives and should seek independent professional advice.